Dragon Ball - Android #17 - Figure Rise Model Figur (forudbestilling)

  • 249kr

Forventet ankomst: 04/2018

Figure-rise Standard: the Android series has launched!
Android #17 joins the lineup, looking just like the anime!
Includes many option parts to let you re-create dramatic scenes!
Two types of facial expression parts −normal and angry− are included!
A handgun part and gun-wielding hand part are included! Replicate Android #17 in all his future ruthlessness!
Includes “Energy Wave” and “Barrier” effect parts to let you re-create fight scenes!
Includes faithful details, such as the bomb Doctor Gero built into his body!
Display alongside Android #18 (sold separately) to re-create dramatic scenes from the anime!

- Størrelse: 15,5cm
Fabrikant: Bandai

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